When you’re looking to improve your living situation, deciding between renovating or rebuilding can be challenging. You may love your house and want to freshen up the space, or it may be an exciting idea to start over with a new home. “You can’t go wrong in your choice to build a brand-new home in your current location or make some changes to you existing dwelling,” said David Kallie, MCR, CKBR, CAPS, president and CEO of Dimension Inc. “Both methods can add value to your home, ensuring its unique to you and in line with the trends of the year.”  

While there are pros and cons to each method, the following are some considerations to think about when making the decision.

When to Choose Renovation

For some, a home has sentimental value. Maybe some of life’s biggest moments happened there, or the house will always be home to you. If you are attached to your house, renovation is the right choice.

If the home’s foundation and structure are secure, and you’re looking to change a room or two, or even add on, renovation will typically take less time — especially with no permits needed.

Plus, if you plan to live in your house while construction is taking place, renovation is best. With a renovation, changes take place in phases, not all at once, and you and your family can move around the house as spaces are finished. “Our builders consider themselves guests in your home, and respect your space,” said David. Furthermore, you’ll be around when work is taking place. “It’s inevitable that questions will arise during the process, and being present at the home will help,” David said. “Your project manager will be on site regularly, and you can ask your questions face-to-face.”

When to Choose Building

Before rebuilding crosses your mind, be sure to check with your municipality to ensure you have permission to tear down an existing house and replace it with a new one. Some neighborhoods don’t allow rebuilds.

Rebuilds often occur when the house’s bones are beyond repair, and the issues with the home are so complex that a rebuild is less expensive than a whole house renovation.  Families also rebuild to make their vision of the perfect home come to life, as rebuilding usually has greater opportunities than a renovation.

Furthermore, newer homes are built with energy efficiency and wellness in mind, which may increase the value of the house down the road. “Whether we’re redoing one room or constructing a new home, Dimension focuses on healthy building options,” said David. “We take your ideas, choices, and health into account during the design process. We offer healthy material choices and building practices that reduce the amount of volatile organic compounds and chemicals typically found in homes.”

Dimension Design-Build-Remodel is an expert in both methods. The professionals are passionate about remodeling and rebuilding, and will provide outstanding service and value, no matter your lifestyle needs, design preferences, or budget parameters.

If you’re considering a remodel, a rebuild, or you’re not sure what’s right for you, Dimension can help you take the next step. Call us today at 262-402-6602 or complete our contact form to get started.