When considering a home remodeling project, we believe the best way to complete the process is through the use of a design/build firm, a company like ours that supplies both design and construction services for the renovation. Utilizing this tactic has several benefits over using one person or company to serve as the architect/designer while another company completes the building or remodeling of the project.

For many homeowners, the remodeling process is an unknown, which may cause anxiety and affect how the project proceeds. Working with a design-build company like ours allows you to utilize our understanding of the process from start to finish.

The following are benefits of engaging with a design/build firm for your remodeling project.

  • We will help you understand the options available within your home, explain the timeframe needed to complete the project, and help you make the most of your budget. Plus, having the same company that does the design do the construction means construction concerns can be addressed at the outset.
  • All staff members are involved from the start in helping create the plan, which enhances a project’s efficiency. This results in reduced issues and helps maintain the project timeline. Through partnering with a design-build firm, the inconsistencies that may come about using a design company and an independent contractor are eliminated. Using a design-build team, much is determined as part of the creative process, eliminating potential impediments before they arise. During the construction phase, the project manager oversees all staff to ensure the remodel follows the prescribed schedule.
  • A design/build team can assist homeowners take their many ideas and work through what will work best to fit within the available budget. This involvement ensures that a homeowner’s goals will be accomplished, and their wishes will be achieved.
  • When the same group that designs a project builds it, more thought is given to pricing and scheduling in the design phase.
  • During different stages of the remodel, there may be times when there is uncertainty on the part of the client. The company’s staff is in regular contact with the client, which will help to eliminate anxiety.
  • The cost of a remodeling project is a major concern for most homeowners and using multiple companies as part of the project may lead to discrepancies between the different groups that in turn may cause costs to increase. Using a trustworthy design-build team that is in regular communication will help keep the work on budget while maintaining the project timeline.
  • Since all projects have challenges, using a design-build company means the company is responsible for addressing issues that arise during construction. Serving as a trusted counsel, company staff will coordinate getting the work back on track and make sure the finished product meets or surpasses the homeowner’s expectations.

As a trade partner with “Step Beyond Green To Healthy,” our design team takes your ideas, choices, and health into account during the design process. We offer healthy material choices and building practices that reduce the amount of volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) and chemicals typically found in homes and workplaces today, creating healthier environments in which to live and work.

For more information about the benefits of working on your renovation project with Dimension Design-Build-Remodel, call 262-402-6602 or email davekallie@dimension-dbr.com.