As we reach the middle of 2024, you may be thinking ahead to the future and evaluating your home. Perhaps you want to increase the square footage of the house to add value, so you can set a higher asking price when it’s time to sell your home. Or maybe your family is growing.

“There is an array of reasons homeowners choose to pursue a home addition,” said David Kallie, MCR, CKBR, CAPS, president and CEO of Dimension Inc.  “For some, it seems like there is never enough space for comfort, storage, and when entertaining guests. If moving isn’t desirable or feasible for your family, a home addition is the perfect solution.”

The following are a few “bonus rooms” that can be added to your house to enhance your space:

Mudroom & Laundry Spaces
If you have a big family, or are planning on having a big family, adding a mudroom and a larger laundry area are necessities.

“Mudrooms keep all of the items that come with everyday living, like shoes, coats, and backpacks, in one place,” said David. “Cubbies or lockers and built-in cabinets help with storage and make the room visually appealing.”

In addition, a larger laundry area to wash, fold, and iron your growing family’s clothes will be a blessing in the future.

Room Above the Garage
“Your garage has more functionality than the place to park your cars,” David said. “Some families like to add a room onto the garage for extra storage, a home office, or even a home gym.”

Another popular use for extra room in the garage is to create an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU), or a guesthouse for family and friends to stay when they visit. This gives them privacy and space outside the main house to call their own.

Build your perfect backyard and expand your outdoor space with the addition of a patio. A patio will lead guests and family from indoors to outdoors seamlessly during the warmer months and give you a place to dine, work, or relax. If you have a patio already, consider adding a grilling area or a firepit for summer nights.

Bathroom & Kitchen Bump-Outs
Bump-outs, which extend the wall of an existing room to make it larger, are another option if you’re not ready to add entirely new rooms. “Bump-outs are great for small homes,” David said. “The most popular place to do this is in the kitchen to create more countertop space, or to add a walk-in pantry and breakfast nook.”

You could also consider expanding a wall to create more space in a bathroom. Say goodbye to your cramped shower stall and single sink and welcome a standing tub, a larger shower, and double sinks.

“Before you plan an addition, make sure you know what you want from your new space,” said David. “At Dimension Design-Build-Remodel, we will help you identify and define functions and activities for the space, so you achieve your goals.”

When you’re ready to begin the home addition process, contact Dimension Design-Build-Remodel at 262-402-6602 or email