To ensure a positive experience during a home renovation, some preparation is necessary for your home and your family. This is especially true with larger projects that will disrupt daily living. The renovation experts at Dimension Design-Build-Remodel, Inc. offer advice on how to prepare for a major home remodel.

First, take before photos! Then, start packing things up. Homeowners will need to completely empty out the area of the home that is being remodeled and decide where everything will go. It may be necessary to obtain a storage unit for furniture and larger household items. Separate what you’re going to need on a daily basis from the items that can be boxed up and put into storage. This is a great time to declutter and get rid of what you don’t need, so you can start fresh in your newly remodeled space. Make sure anything precious or fragile is put in a safe place.

Your contractor should explain any tasks you’re expected to complete before remodeling starts. They should also explain the step-by-step remodeling plan. Communication will be very important so you know what to expect and when to expect it.

There could be periods of time where you don’t have access to the kitchen or bathroom. As you think about the amount of work that will be done, you’ll need to consider your living options. Is moving out of your home for a short time an option? Staying elsewhere would be the best plan if serious hazards like lead paint or mold are involved, or if anyone in your family has health concerns such as asthma.

Next, think about security during the renovation. How will the contractor access your home each day? You may have to make copies of keys.

If your family is staying in the home throughout the renovation, some mental preparation is important. There will be dirt. There will be noise. There could be periods without water or power. There may be some unplanned problems that bring added stress. The right contractor will help you through this and keep the project on track.

Cooking during a kitchen renovation is a challenge. Prepare by finding an area with outlets that you can use as a temporary kitchen. Do you have countertop appliances like an instant pot and electric skillet? Can you get a mini refrigerator and a chest freezer? Gather the essential dinnerware and cutlery you’ll need, and determine which sink can be used for washing dishes.

Bathroom remodels can be inconvenient for busy households. You’ll need to carefully schedule everyone’s bathroom routines, and possibly move some bathroom functions like face shaving and makeup to other rooms. Sorting and organizing toiletries ahead of time can help.

The upheaval of the renovation may be especially hard on children. Change is upsetting, even if they seem interested and excited. Communication is important here, too. Describe the process before it starts, and focus on the positive result that’s coming rather than the destruction. Be very clear about which areas are off limits for their safety. If it’s necessary to set up a different sleeping, bathing, or homework area for the kids, try to turn it into an adventure, and remind them that the change is temporary. A good set of headphones can help a child deal with the noise. Everyone will benefit from getting out of the house as often as possible.

Prepare to disagree with your significant other. You’re spending money and making big decisions while you live through a mess and a lack of privacy. The best way to prepare is to acknowledge from the start that it will be difficult and agree to keep communication open.

Preparing for a major home remodel includes arranging a safe place for your pets. If they are easily stressed, it may be simplest to have pets stay with a relative, or give them an occasional stay at a doggy day care when major work is happening. If dogs will be staying home, minimize barking by letting them become familiar with the workers beforehand. Pets will be safest in a closed room or fenced yard a safe distance from the construction. For normalcy, keep walks and feedings as close to the usual time as possible.

Discuss with your contractor the best ways to keep kids and pets safe from dangerous tools, hazardous fumes, and more. If you always know the next step, you can prepare accordingly, and have a positive renovation experience.

If you have specific questions or you’re still unsure how to prepare for a major home remodel, call Dimension Design-Build-Remodel, Inc. at 262-402-6602. You also can complete our contact form to get started. Our professional designers look forward to guiding you through the home renovation process and bringing your dream home to life.