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  • information on Brookfield lot availability.
  • feedback from our clients.
  • Leap Year facts.

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2020 Bathroom Trends

Even though we’re a couple months into the new year, it is still timely to provide insight on several trends associated with bathroom remodeling for 2020.

When considering a bath renovation project, there are several design concepts that have gained in popularity and should be considered for your space.

Private Vanity Mirror Divide

The installation of two sinks allows for two people to be in the bathroom at the same time with the necessary space for all of their toiletries. Using the vanity and mirror as the focal point for the space will assist you in identifying the other accents that will be incorporated into the overall design.

Vibrant Colors

Adding bold colors to the bathroom is an inexpensive way to personalize the space. Some options to consider include light green, which offers a spring or summer feel, and orange, which adds warmth. Matte black offers a counter to white accessories while blue complements spaces that feature more accoutrements.

Concealed Storage

With sufficient storage space being an important feature, an emerging trend is using existing items, such as cabinets, vanities, or shelves and placing additional storage within it. For example, a vanity can feature extra sections for more personal items. Shower curtains are now designed with fitted mesh space organizers for shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc.

Heated Floors

A regular inconvenience when using a bathroom at night is the cold floors, but as a result of improvements in electrical technology, heated floors have become increasingly popular. There are two options to consider.

  1. Hydronic Heat: a rubber tube system is installed throughout the home, circulating the heat from the water heater.
  2. Electric Heat: a thin panel is ensconced under the bathroom floor and is regulated by the home’s thermostat and a timer.

Enclosed Toilets

For those seeking additional isolation, hidden toilets are separated from the rest of the bathroom by either a door or miniature wall. Typically moderately designed, these areas usually have the same wallcovering as the rest of the bathroom, but there are those that include accents to make the space more individualized for those that will use it.

Accent Walls

Offering an opportunity to utilize different design concepts, this bathroom wall provides a juxtaposition to the rest of the space. Popular elements to incorporate into the room include natural stone, brick, tile, and marble. A dramatically different color paint on the wall or a wall-sized mirror are other options.

Contemporary Lighting

The use of small chandeliers or hanging fixtures can modify the space and its mood through the use of a dimmer switch. Another options is creating your own fixtures, allowing you to show off your personality.

Plants to Accent Color

Adding live plants not only can break up the space, but they add color and life to the room. In addition, a number of plant varieties thrive in a bathroom as a result of the low light, high humidity, and general warmth.

For more information about bathroom remodeling trends, call Dimension Design-Build-Remodel at 262-402-6602 to arrange an appointment.

Brookfield Lots Available

Two of the available new home and lot packages in the heart of Brookfield have sold, meaning only four remain. Each lot has an amazing view and lot prices start at $175,000.

You can choose from one of our current floor plans, including one of the “healthy home” models, or we will work with you on developing a new custom plan. There is a 1,600 square foot minimum for the homes to be built. In addition, all homes will have walk out basements.

There are no subdivision rules for these lots that are within a great school district and located near all that Brookfield has to offer. Call us today at 262-402-6602 for more information and to discuss the purchase of one of these terrific lots.

What Our Customers Say

We love our kitchen! We worked with Dimension Design for over one year before we committed to sign with them. Dave was very patient and worked hard to put my ideas on paper until we were sure about the finished product to our satisfaction. Once the project started Dave and Jim were very accommodating and ready to work with our wishes during the construction period. I do have to say with great sincerity that Jim has been one of the best carpenters I have ever worked with. I would recommend this construction company without hesitation. They did a beautiful job to create our dream kitchen within our budget.

Chris and Alicia, Brookfield

We were so happy with these guys. Work was good, nice people to work with and most of all...if you had a problem with anything, they were ready to deal with it and resolve it. My friend hired a different designing firm and was so UNHAPPY! I WAS NOT with Dimension Inc.

Sharon and Mike, Greenfield

Leap Year Facts

  1. Leap days are needed to keep our calendar in alignment with the Earth's revolutions around the Sun. It takes the Earth approximately 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes, and 45 seconds to circle once around the Sun. Without an extra day on February 29 nearly every four years, we would lose almost six hours every year. After only 100 years, our calendar would be off by approximately 24 days.
  2. Women often choose this day to propose marriage to men. According to tradition, women either have to wear breeches or a scarlet petticoat to pop the question. If a man refuses the proposal, he would be fined a kiss, a silk dress, or 12 pairs of gloves.
  3. The odds of being born on a leap day are 1 in 1500
  4. People born on February 29 are called “leaplings” or “leapers.”
  5. The Honor Society of Leap Year Babies is a club for people born on Feb. 29. More than 10,000 people worldwide are members.
  6. Astrologers believe people born on February 29 have unusual talents, such as the ability to burp the alphabet or paint like Picasso.
  7. Anthony, Texas is the self-proclaimed “Leap Year Capital of the World,” as it holds a festival which includes a guided trip to Aztec Cave and square dancing.
  8. Farming folklore says beans and peas planted in a leap year “grow the wrong way.”
  9. There will be 8 years between leap years 2096 and 2104
  10. Since the February 29th is a “rare” date, it’s also home to Rare Disease Day, which began in 2008 to raise awareness for diseases affecting less than 1 in 2,000 people. In no Leap Years, the observance is held on February 28.
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