When it comes to remodeling a kitchen, there are many design accents that need to be considered. The following are 10 concepts that not only work now but will be in style for years to come.

1. Accessible Layouts

A yearning for casual dining and comfortable food prep propelled this trend that advocates a united lifestyle, fostering interaction.

2. Quartz Counters

Necessitating a reduction in cleaning, quartz countertops less also provide unending appeal. Another attribute is they match with both dark and light hued cabinets, easily assimilating into the chosen color scheme.

3. Induction Cooking

There are many benefits to induction cooking, as it is fast, safe, and visually attractive. Since induction burners use little heat, kitchens remain cool and surfaces safe to touch. Also, conduction stove tops remove the need for a large range hood, providing additional design opportunities.

4. Ceiling Accents

Providing design interest in the space, there are a variety of concepts when considering accented kitchen ceilings. For example, shallow coffers can be used in small spaces, while moldings mimicking an island’s shape can delineate larger kitchens.

5. Counter-Height Islands

Enhancing a kitchen’s warmth, counter-height island also increased food preparation space. Selecting this type of island with a waterfall edge allows for stools to be placed below.

6. Appliance Integration

The assimilation of appliances into a kitchen through paneling and built-ins allows for appliances to blend into cabinetry or be presented as a tasteful decorative piece.

7. LED Lighting

With an ability to be utilized innovatively while being a longer-lasting and more efficient product, LED lighting can be used in the kitchen to brighten the space below cabinetry or within an island, plus illuminate a toe-kick.

8. Wood (like) flooring

New materials with the look of wood have gained in popularity and will continue to do so as products continue to be developed. This includes porcelain planks that have the same appearance of wood but are easier to maintain.

9. Sensible Sinks

The design of a single bowl that confines splashes while obliging large items that require handwashing shows that function has become the key component when it comes to sinks, as large genres, such as farmhouse-style sinks, are being incorporated into kitchens.

10. Drawer Depth

Extra-deep drawers, particularly by the range, simplify cooking and storage, as they offer additional accessibility and can easily be incorporated into a kitchen’s design. There are also extras such as pegboard and drawer organizers that provide additional organization.