As the builder of Wisconsin’s healthiest home, Dimension Design-Build-Remodel is committed to making your home apart of your healthy lifestyle. “We take the health of your home very seriously,” said Dimension Inc. president and CEO David Kallie, MCR, CKBR, CAPS.. “From the designer to the general contractor to the subcontractors to the cleaning crew at the end, the entire remodeling team is on board.”

A major component of a healthy lifestyle is healthy eating habits. While many families wish to eat well, an out-of-date kitchen can present a challenge. “Studies show that families are more motivated to cook in a remodeled kitchen,” David said. “Cooking inside the home often leads to healthier eating.”

A renovated kitchen can also help improve your mental health and bond with your family. A bigger and more efficient space can not only help families spend more time together, but also allow each family member to get involved in the cooking and eating process.

Dimension Design-Build-Remodel can help you create a kitchen that meets your needs, with everything from large countertop space, natural light, and high-end appliances that keep healthy food visible and fresh.

“When it comes to healthy living, what we eat and drink is just as important as our indoor air quality,” said David. With Americans spending 90% of their time indoors, poor air quality can take a toll on our health. Harmful chemical vapors that can come from carpet, paint, and furniture can lead to headaches, illnesses of the respiratory system, and even cancer in extreme cases.

Dimension Design-Build-Remodel goes to great lengths to lessen the chemical vapors in your home. “From air scrubbers to remove garage toxins and quartz countertops, to a reverse-osmosis water purification system and BuildClean air purification units used during construction, our home remodel team can help you live your best—and healthiest—life,” David said. Do you wish to enhance your kitchen and make your home healthier? Call Dimension Design-Build-Remodel at 262-402-6602 or complete our contact form to get started.