Many homeowners are unaware of the many options they have for the faucets throughout their dwelling. Home faucet trends for 2021 affect style, color, function, health, and more.

What’s New in Home Faucet Trends

    • New on the kitchen scene is a one-piece sink and faucet combo with a separate control button located at the front of the sink for quick, easy on and off.
    • Professional and industrial faucets are making their way into homes. These faucets pull down with concealed, retractable hoses.
    • Wall-mounted faucets are trending in bathrooms.
    • As bathroom faucets get more angular and square, kitchen faucets are getting taller and rounder like a gooseneck.
    • No longer limited to chrome, homeowners will have new color options for faucets, including Ombre combinations of colors.
    • Smart technology is the trend that has been spreading through homes for the last couple years and will continue to grow, especially in 2021.

Smarter, Healthier Faucets

Touchless faucets are becoming the new normal and will be expected in new and remodeled bathrooms and kitchens in 2021. With this sensor-activated feature, your family and your faucets will stay sanitary.

Some premium faucets now on the market feature antimicrobial finishes or coatings, making them resistant to bacteria. Examples are Delta faucets with SpotShield® and Moen faucets with Microban®.

Some metals are naturally antimicrobial and are great choices for home fixtures. Copper and its alloys have the greatest antimicrobial, antiviral, and antifungal effects. They will likely see a resurgence this year.

Technology will continue to advance. We’ll see more smart devices around the home, including voice-activated faucets that will turn on and off and change temperature on command.

Home Faucet Trends for Entertaining

Because cooking areas are expanding beyond the traditional kitchen, so are faucets. Many people will continue spending extra time at home in 2021 and looking for ways to expand their living space into the basement, attic, or the outdoors.

Durability and weather resistance are required for outdoor-rated faucets. They are made of non-corrosive metals like stainless steel, and the trend leads toward commercial grade. We’ll also see more alfresco pot fillers this year.

In basements, wet bar faucets are gaining popularity. Along with adding classic tavern style, these faucets feature a smaller center size to fit small bar sinks, and they have higher clearance for rinsing tall glassware.

Home faucet trends will continue evolving to meet the unique needs and styles of 2021. Dimension Design-Build-Remodel can help you explore the faucet designs, finishes, and features available for your kitchen, bathroom, and more. To set up an appointment, call us at 262-402-6602 or complete our contact form to get started.