At Dimension Design-Build-Remodel, we have made it a priority to build and renovate homes with a focus on creating an environment that produces enhanced indoor air quality. One of the ways we achieve this objective is through the installation of a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) Filtration System.

Most people do not realize the air inside a home, office, retail establishment, and all other structures is ten times more polluted than outdoor air, as the indoor air is tainted with assorted forms of imperceptible impurities. These different types of pollutants include, but are not limited to, mite, mold, pollen, pet hair, dander odor, dust, and dirt. Through the removal of unsafe microorganisms and particles that are typically undetected, HEPA filtration will improve your indoor environment and significantly reduce the possibility of health risks, including allergies, lung irritation, and asthma.

HEPA filters are composed of thousands of particularly thin fibers that are positioned precisely to capture fragments of varying mass, including microscopic specks. Designed to significantly lower the amount of pollutants in a room, the standard for a HEPA air filter is the elimination of a minimum of 99.97% of particles (from large to those sized to about 0.3 microns) from the air. The filtered air is then recirculated throughout the indoor space.

    • The need for HEPA filtration may be more imperative if the home environment has one or more of the following situations:
    • Young or Newborn Children: assist in shielding kids from immune and respiratory issues.
    • Smokers: successfully eliminates smoke particles, contaminants, and related odors.
    • Pets: eradicate allergy inducing dander and hair.
    • Asthma Sufferers: maintain hygienic indoor air.

To have a HEPA filtration system installed to assist in improving your home’s indoor air quality, visit our website or call Dimension Design-Build-Remodel at 262-402-6602 to arrange an appointment.