Our second “healthy” home build offers a new level of healthier home features, as this Kenosha home is the first built for a specific client, who suffers from Lyme disease, and was looking to improve the quality of her family’s everyday living.

Every detail of the home was designed and built with the thought of creating a healthier indoor air environment to improve quality of life. The Dimension team paid attention to every item used to build the home, including construction detailing of alternative building materials as well as how the home was built using superior mechanical systems to control VOC’s, particulates, and minimize the ability for mold to develop inside the structure.

Building a “healthy” home requires an entire team of consultants, vendors, and subcontractors who have a deeper understanding of how to build healthier homes and are willing to do things differently to achieve the common goal of building homes that make the long-term health of its occupants the number one priority. Special thanks to the following healthy building partners for being a part of this process:

      • The Green Design Center, Healthy Home Consultant and Material Supplier
      • Arianne K., Consultant, Spec Book Writer, and Homeowner
      • Patera LLC, Architect
      • Anja Schiller, Consultant, This Organic Home
      • Step Beyond Green to Healthy, Consultant

We will again have the home evaluated, as the evaluation scores of our first healthy home in Sussex were off the charts on every measure as reported by a third-party tester. This new home will be no different and we believe may test even higher, as we added more layers of healthier building concepts and materials.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on our progress as we will be sharing additional photos of the home over the next several weeks via our Facebook page and website. Construction is scheduled to be completed later this spring.