As winter weather has set in and you’re using your home to stay warm, the last thing you might want to do is give up space to a construction crew as they work on an interior remodeling project. But there’s a little-known fact you probably don’t realize — remodeling in the winter has its perks. “Winter can be the best season to start a new remodeling project,” said Dimension Design-Build-Remodel president and CEO David Kallie, MCR, CKBR, CAPS.

In the Midwest, when you can’t avoid the cold and snow, remodeling during the winter comes with the territory. And the Dimension team is well-versed in building and remodeling in the cold. Here are a few tidbits of information you might want to know before you start your home remodel this winter:

Focus on interior projects if possible

If you live in a place like Wisconsin, new homes or addition projects during the winter can get tricky. “When you start an addition in the winter, the key to success is making sure the concrete foundation is poured before the ground freezes,” David said. “As long as that takes place, the rest of the space can be built, no matter the weather.” While some additives can be made into concrete to quicken the drying process, there are some temperatures that are simply too low to allow it to dry properly.

To avoid this situation, schedule an interior project, like a kitchen, bath, or lower level remodel, which Dimension Design-Build-Remodel specializes in. The weather is always perfect indoors, so indoor remodeling can happen year-round.

Winter projects allow for personalized attention and faster jobs

Quality contractors, like Dimension Design-Build-Remodel, are busy throughout the year, usually more so during the months of spring, summer, and fall. “It’s true that warmer weather bodes well for construction, but there is more work usually being done during this time,” said David. “If we schedule a remodel in the winter, we’re usually able to spend more time on your space, and the work tends to get done faster.”

With a lighter workload, your remodeling team can be flexible in scheduling things like walk-throughs and can also work around your vacation if you take one during the winter.

As an additional bonus, local governments and municipalities also usually slow down during the winter months, allowing you to get your permits or other paperwork processed more quickly as well!

Winter weather isn’t as big of a factor as you think

“The great thing about winter is we don’t have to worry about rain,” David said. It is easier to protect your new space from snowfall than from rain, so there is no worry about water seeping into places it shouldn’t be.

When using natural materials to build, sometimes supplies like wood can shift or even shrink when the weather turns cold. If you’re building in the winter, these materials are already winterized. It’s just one less stressor in your life.

Building supplies and materials are in lower demand in the winter

Because a bulk of remodels take place in the spring and summer, the demand for supplies is high and the selection of supplies can be low, depending on what materials you need or want. But in the winter, when demand is low and selection is high, you probably won’t have any issues. “The materials might be less expensive too,” David said. “Suppliers tend to raise prices when limited product is available during the warmer months.”

Between a quicker turnaround, less stress, and perhaps the chance to save some money, remodeling in winter is an option worth considering.

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