When you plan a major home remodel for the first time, inexperience can lead to costly mistakes. The renovation experts at Dimension Design-Build-Remodel, Inc. have made a list of the eight most common home remodeling mistakes for you to avoid at every step of your project.

        • Bad Budgeting. When starting a home remodel, a rookie mistake is to underestimate the cost or not have a budget at all. Your budget guides your project. It’s important to plan out the details of the project ahead of time, including the cost of finishes, hardware, and other add-ons. Then, consider adding a 20% contingency to your estimate so you are prepared for surprises. Use this budget to set up financing ahead of time.
        • The Wrong Contractor. Another rookie mistake is not shopping around for your contractor, or choosing the contractor based on who has the lowest bid. The contractor with the least expensive bid may end up costing more in the long run. To find the right contractor for your needs, interview at least three and check references, licensing, insurance, and their Better Business Bureau rating.

    Also, ask these questions:

        • Did they provide a detailed plan and estimate?
        • Do they fit your personality and understand your goals?
        • Do you think you’ll be able to communicate with this contractor?
        • The Wrong Priorities. This mistake could mean prioritizing looks over function when making decisions on the floor plan, appliances, materials, and more. It could also mean doing your projects in the wrong order—putting a “fun” project ahead of something that needs to be fixed as soon as possible.
        • Being Extra Trendy. Avoid renovations that would someday make your home less appealing to prospective buyers. As trends are typically short lived, especially on big items like architectural elements, countertops, appliances, etc., it’s a good idea to look for classic and timeless style.
        • Not Planning for Disruption. If it’s your first remodeling project, you may not realize how the process is going to affect your daily life. You may need to rearrange where family members sleep or send pets to live with relatives temporarily. How will you prepare food when the kitchen is out of order? Have plans set up ahead of time to maintain your quality of life during the remodel.
        • Changing Your Mind. Everyone changes their mind sometimes. But making changes to the scope of your project midway through will cost time and money. It’s better to be sure of what you want in advance and stick to the plan.
        • Expecting Smooth Sailing. When it comes to remodeling, especially with older buildings, it’s wise to expect the unexpected. Don’t be surprised by unforeseen complications and delays, or the new problems that the crew might uncover. Good contractors know how to deal with these changes, but homeowners would do well to be prepared.
        • Throwing Paperwork Away. Contracts, manuals, receipts—you don’t know what you may need down to road. Some of it could be required for a warranty. Some could come in handy when you’re ready to sell your home. Keep it organized for later.

    Avoid the most common home remodeling mistakes with Dimension Design-Build-Remodel, Inc. Our professional designers take the guesswork out of remodeling, and we look forward to guiding you through the home renovation process to make sure you have no regrets. Call 262-402-6602 or complete our contact form to get started.