Your kitchen countertop is vital to the functionality within the space. It’s likely you wouldn’t be able to use your kitchen without it, as it is where you prepare and cook your meals, as well as store small appliances, utensils, and more.

“The countertop is often a focal point and one of the most visible areas of your kitchen,” said David Kallie, MCR, CKBR, CAPS, president and CEO of Dimension Inc. “Because it’s constantly in use and central to the room, it’s important to consider your options when remodeling your kitchen.”

When thinking about an upgrade to your kitchen, look into these countertop characteristics.

Mixed Materials
While the classic marble, quartz, and limestone materials are still trendy in countertops, unique mediums like porcelain, terrazzo, and sintered stone have become increasingly popular.

Porcelain and sintered tone are resilient and low-maintenance choices. While stain-resistant and able to stand up to wear and tear, they are still pleasing to the eye. Terrazzo is a fun and playful medium, which comes in all colors and patterns.

Common in 2024 kitchens is a mix of materials. For example, some families might top their island with butcher block (made of wood) and design the rest of their countertops in white porcelain. “Mixing wood with natural stone not only adds dimension to the space, but also allows you to show your style with color and texture,” said David.

Natural and Colorful Tones
“The countertops we see today are in one of two styles: they are either in soothing, minimalist tones, or they are full of bold color,” David said.

In contemporary houses, countertops in beige or other neutral colors can add warmth to the space and look great with cabinets that are painted in a deep earth-tones, which is also trendy.

If you desire, you can take those earth tones and apply it to your countertops. Saturated colors like emerald green, deep blues, and terracotta will really make your countertop pop.

Stand Out Design
Don’t be afraid to have some fun with your countertops. “Popular in kitchens today are vibrant backsplashes,” said David. “Match your countertop to your fun backsplash, which will give your kitchen a cohesive and harmonious look.”

When you partner with Dimension Design-Build-Remodel, your remodeling project is in the best of hands. We look to deliver lasting value to your home and exceed your expectations. “With so many options available for kitchens, the list of possibilities is endless,” David said.

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