It isn’t just the style that becomes outdated in a kitchen; the layout, functionality, and energy and water usage are also important parts of a kitchen update. At Dimension Design-Build-Remodel, Inc., we’re always observing changes in the kitchen design industry. Features that increase convenience, efficiency, and style are all on our list of kitchen trends for 2023.

“There are so many options, so much variety in kitchen remodels. The possibilities for your dream kitchen are endless,” said David Kallie, CR, CAPS, Dimension’s president and CEO. “We take your budget into account, and as a design-build team, we work toward making that dream possible.”

Quartz Countertops

Homeowners have a variety of countertop material and color options, but quartz continues to grow in popularity above all others. Dimension Design-Build-Remodel has recommended quartz for years because it is easier to customize and trim, easier to maintain, and longer lasting.

Modern Metals

Your kitchen remodel will be a good time to update the metals you choose for drawer pulls, lighting fixtures, the range hood, and more. Instead of traditional chrome, homeowners have growing interest in copper, brushed gold, and matte aluminum.

Muted Colors & Dark Wood

Colors are a personal choice, affected by the style of the home and the owner’s tastes. However, whites, grays, and beiges have been a noticeably popular trend in the past couple years. This is beginning to change. “We’re seeing a shift away from white to muted, natural colors like sage green, stone blue, and dusty rose,” Kallie said. As for kitchen flooring and cabinetry, look for an increase in natural wood in darker stains to trend in the coming year. “Will white cabinetry ever stop trending?” Kallie asks. “Only time will tell.”

Backsplash Trends

Traditional backsplash choices like white subway tile and glass mosaic are becoming less popular, while unique tiles and textures are gaining momentum. “One of the more minimalist approaches appearing in new houses is the seamless look, where the countertop and backsplash are the same material and style,” Kallie said.

Premium Energy Efficiency

Conserving energy will continue to trend indefinitely, both for saving the planet and saving money. “After HVAC, the water heater uses the most energy in the house,” Kallie said. “Induction is the most energy-efficient way to cook.” Manufacturers are developing more induction cooking options each year, as well as more efficient refrigerators, which are the top energy users in kitchens.

Waste Less, Touch Less

The trends for touchless and water-saving faucets and appliances will only continue to grow in popularity. Touchless technology became more necessary than ever during the pandemic, and the trend is not slowing down. Dishwasher and faucet efficiency and performance improve each year, making their replacement a smart kitchen trend during major renovations.

Concealed Kitchen Design

The main purpose of concealed kitchen design is to reduce visual clutter by blending and hiding as much as possible. Customizable appliances that perfectly mimic the cabinetry are a trend that has been gaining speed for years. New in concealed kitchen design is the secret butler’s pantry for food prep near the dining area, hidden behind a matching cabinetry panel or a “sliding wall” door.

The Scullery

As the trend of open kitchens thrives, the historical scullery kitchen is quietly returning to homes. Similar to the butler’s pantry, the scullery is a room separate from the main kitchen, specifically for cleaning and storing dishes. Having a separate place to store the mess—and find peace and quiet during the cleaning—make this a popular upcoming kitchen design trend for those who entertain.

Kitchen trends will continue to evolve into 2023 and beyond, but a healthy home never goes out of style. Learn more about the best upgrade for an outdated home: a healthier living environment from Dimension Design-Build-Remodel.

Every kitchen is unique, as are the needs of its owners. What can be done with your kitchen space and remodeling budget? When you’re ready to find out, call Dimension Design-Build-Remodel at 262-402-6602 or complete our contact form to get started.