When it comes to unused lower levels, the possibilities are endless. Almost anything you can do on your main level can be done in the basement—even natural light can be piped in through solar tubes. To help you decide the best way to use the space, consider our basement remodel ideas, broken into two categories: using the space for entertaining, and using the space for living.

Keep in mind that no matter what you plan to do with your lower level, it’s a good idea to work a bathroom into the plans.

Basement Remodel Ideas for Entertainment

    • Wet Bar. “Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name.” Having your own basement bar with wrap-around counters and comfortable bar stools gives you a great way to socialize. Space can be customized with everything from built-in storage and fridge, to countertop beer taps and a big screen TV.
    • Basement Kitchen. Take the wet bar a step further and include a kitchenette or full kitchen in the basement. Cook and entertain your guests with no mess in the main living area of your home.
    • Wine Cellar. The lack of sunlight and the stable temperature and humidity of basements makes it a good place for a wine cellar. Wine lovers can store and display their collection with climate-controlled shelves and racks, and a bistro-style sitting area.
    • Game Room & Living Room. It’s a classic for a reason. With comfortable seating, TV and surround sound, video games, pool table, foosball, poker table, darts, and more, it’s great to have a designated place for relaxing with guests.
    • Home Theater. Movie lovers can enjoy the theater experience at home with a projector and screen, rows of recliners on a raised floor, acoustic wall coverings, and recessed lighting on dimmers.

Basement Remodel Ideas for More Living Space

    • Home Gym. One of the most popular basement remodels, the home gym can be as simple or as elaborate as homeowners desire. Important considerations include flooring, air circulation, lighting, and planning ahead so there’s enough space for the chosen equipment.
    • Kids’ Playroom. Banish the toys from your main level and set the kids free with a place all their own. The best playrooms include lots of shelves and storage, plus fun built-ins like climbing walls, slides, and ladders up to cozy nooks. With a wide-open space, even bulky outdoor toys can get some indoor use in the winter.
    • Basement Bedroom. Does your teenager need some space? Do you have a family member or friend who regularly spends the night? It may be time to finish the basement with a nice bedroom (and bathroom).
    • Laundry Room. First-floor laundry rooms are all the rage, but if you would rather keep it out of sight—or you simply don’t have room on the first floor—take advantage of the basement space. A large laundry room with extra storage, an ironing station, and racks for drying sweaters can feel like a luxury.
    • Office & More. Do you sometimes feel cramped in your home? Do you wish you had an extra room, one that was cozy yet productive? Create a customized space for the interest of your choice—an efficient office for working from home, a library lined with bookshelves and deep chairs, a crafting room with long tables and organized supply storage, or a music room with soundproofing and good acoustics for your drum solos.

The basements that get the most use combine two or more of these ideas. The home gym and kids’ playroom combination is popular; as is the wet bar, kitchen, and living room/game room combination. Finally, a large enough basement can be converted to its own apartment suite with a bedroom, bathroom, living room, and kitchenette.

Finished or unfinished, basements are a popular place for storing things. A basement remodel should include formal storage areas—shelves, cupboards, closets—to help you stay organized.

Every basement is unique. What can you do with your space and your remodeling budget? When you’re ready to find out, call Dimension Design-Build-Remodel at 262-402-6602 or set an appointment for us to visit your home or conduct a video meeting.