At Dimension Design-Build-Remodel, Inc., we are seeing growing demand for more color, relaxing elements, and sustainability in all interior projects. According to Dimension Inc. president and CEO David Kallie, CR, CAPS, “Health and wellness will play an important role in 2023 bathroom trends. The bathroom should feel like a retreat.” Our team of experienced designers describe the latest bathroom features and materials for the year ahead.

Color & Design

This year, homeowners want color. “Gray and white are always popular, but bold colors and warmer tones are gaining popularity,” David said. “In bathrooms, we’ll see these colors in wall tiles, flooring, and accents. From freestanding tubs to roomy walk-in showers, bathroom design is going large. As primary suites get bigger, it becomes possible to install two sets of shower heads and valves for dual user showers.”

Additional 2023 bathroom trends in design are:

    • Wet Rooms
    • Toilet Partitions
    • Oversized Wall Tiles
    • Backlit Mirrors
    • Unique Tubs
    • Minimalist Wall Sconces
    • Wood Accents
    • Floating Vanities

Technology & Luxury

As technology progresses, bathrooms are transforming into personal day spas for more relaxation and convenience than ever before. Smart bathroom innovations include:

    • Built-In Bluetooth Speaker Systems
    • Voice-Activated Lighting
    • Smart Mirrors
    • Automatic Sinks
    • Radiant Floor Heating
    • Smart Showers and Voice-Activated Water Temperature
    • Built-In Toilet Technology: Seat Warmers, Automatic Lid Openers, Integrated Bidets, Dryers, Deodorizers, and more

When it comes to luxurious extras, bathrooms are getting designer towel warmers, mini refrigerators, steam showers, and zero-gravity flotation tubs. The convenience of integrated storage with power access is also popular.

Ultimately, the best way to make your bathroom feel luxurious is to customize it to your needs and wants. “You can have digital valves and controls that let you personalize different spray settings in the shower,” said David. “Spa-like style is the biggest trend, but personalization is key.”

Materials & Sustainability

As white vanities and cabinetry lose popularity, natural wood is taking its place with modern organic style. Bathrooms are also trending toward natural stone in warm colors.

To address the growing demand for sustainability, water innovations are on the rise. “We are choosing high-quality products that use fewer resources, whether it’s water, electricity, or materials,” he said. “Today, you can have an incredible shower experience without wasting gallons of water.”

Energy efficiency is a concern shared by many, which is seen in the popularity of motion-sensor lighting and tankless water heaters.

Health & Wellness

“No matter what trends go in and out of fashion, the bathroom needs to be a healthy space,” David said. “This includes everything from aging-in-place tools to indoor air quality improvements.”

While advances in smart technology take personal hygiene to the next level, there are still safety hazards and harmful toxins that should always be addressed. Healthy 2023 bathroom trends include:

    • More Plants and Greenery
    • High-Quality, Automatic Ventilation
    • VOC-Free Paints and Materials
    • Contemporary Grab Bars with a Modern Wave Shape
    • Built-In Shower Benches
    • Non-Slip Flooring

Whether you’re inspired by new 2023 bathroom trends or you’re looking for a more traditional bathroom upgrade, Dimension Design-Build-Remodel can help. We look forward to meeting with you to discuss the latest bathroom features and materials, and our unique remodeling and design process. Call us at 262-402-6602 or complete our contact form to get your bathroom renovation project started.